Friday, November 15, 2013

Collecting vs. Hoarding

   There is a HUGE difference between collecting and hoarding. When you collect something everything has to be similar, it all has to be the same and it isn't just thrown everywhere around your house, it is neat and organized. When you hoard most people don't know they do it, and its just pointless things everywhere around your house stacked on top of each other. Hoarding is just a word used to descried people who are lazy and don't want to let go any of their stuff. Collecting is a hobby that some people take very seriously and are very organized about it.

What does our collection reveal about us?

   In our collection we have a lot of cosmetics and plastic, which says to me that our generation is very caught up in appearance. I always see girls in our school and on the streets wearing pounds of makeup that is totally unnecessary. All the plastic tells me that we manufacture a lot more these days, when back in the old days we hand made some things. We barley hand make anything this generation, which says to me that we're lazy. Portia Munson's collection is not that different because of all the plastic things, but she has all solid blue and we have blue and a lot of other colors. I didn't like anything on the table, none of it popped out to me. It didn't reflect on my personal tastes at all, and I think that is because I don't really relate to plastic bottles, candy rappers or little toys. I uses my own water bottle for everything, I don't really eat candy or health bars, nor do I play with toys.