Friday, November 15, 2013

Collecting vs. Hoarding

   There is a HUGE difference between collecting and hoarding. When you collect something everything has to be similar, it all has to be the same and it isn't just thrown everywhere around your house, it is neat and organized. When you hoard most people don't know they do it, and its just pointless things everywhere around your house stacked on top of each other. Hoarding is just a word used to descried people who are lazy and don't want to let go any of their stuff. Collecting is a hobby that some people take very seriously and are very organized about it.

What does our collection reveal about us?

   In our collection we have a lot of cosmetics and plastic, which says to me that our generation is very caught up in appearance. I always see girls in our school and on the streets wearing pounds of makeup that is totally unnecessary. All the plastic tells me that we manufacture a lot more these days, when back in the old days we hand made some things. We barley hand make anything this generation, which says to me that we're lazy. Portia Munson's collection is not that different because of all the plastic things, but she has all solid blue and we have blue and a lot of other colors. I didn't like anything on the table, none of it popped out to me. It didn't reflect on my personal tastes at all, and I think that is because I don't really relate to plastic bottles, candy rappers or little toys. I uses my own water bottle for everything, I don't really eat candy or health bars, nor do I play with toys.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Bike vs. Candy Jar

Both of these drawings have different qualities, one is graphite pencil and the other is colored pencil. The bike drawing is shaded with pencil and is different shades of gray as for the colored pencil has all different colors and is very bright. In my opinion I would say I like the graphite pencil better because the colored pencils didn't work very well for me. I though it was hard to get the right shade without pressing down too hard on the paper, I would always mess up and go too dark. But with the graphite pencil you could erase it and start all over. In my picture above it shows close ups of both drawings. The graphite on is shaded nicely and doesn't look scribbled as for my colored pencil one, it looks pressed and scribbled on the paper.

Candy Jar Drawing

After my bike drawing experience I really didn't want to sketch anything else. Walking into class seeing candy on the tables made me want to punch a wall. I didn't think anything could be any worse than the bike. As I started to sketch the candy and the jar I instantly wanted to quit. It was so hard at first but then I got in the hang of it and it started looking like candy. After a few days I eased into it and it started to piece together. I liked using the colored pencils a lot because they were so vibrant and fun. Making the jar look like a jar was the hardest part though because I had trouble finding the light and darks. I wish I added more detail to the wrappers like the logos.

Bike Drawing

When I first started this bike drawing I was not excited. I never expected to draw a bike, I felt like I wasnt ready at all. When I started the sketch I was happy with it and I thought it looked good. Through out the sketch I found little mistakes and kept correcting them to make it perfect. It took about 5 days of frusteration just for the sketch itself. I was very happy with the outcome and was excited to start the shading. Going into the shading I didnt think it would be that hard, but I was wrong. I think the shading was the worst part of it, it was a challenge and it took a lot of time. But after I got done I was happy with the outcome and really suprised. It felt like a weight was lifted off my shoulders.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Welcome Post

I really like art so far and I hope everyone else does too. I'm excited for freshman year and cant wait to see what high school is like. I'm already meeting new people and socializing with old friends. I hope everyone has a fun, successful year!