Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Every day I wake up, go down the stairs to eat breakfast.  I usually eat an apple, some cereal and drink some orange juice.  then I go back upstairs to my room and pack my school bag.  After that's done, I get ready for school.  When I'm all done and ready to go, I tell my dad that I'm leaving.  My friend gives me a ride most days.  Sometimes I walk to school.  I usually go through the woods because it's the fastest way.  I sit through my classes and then eat lunch. After school I over I get ready for track practice.  I put on my shoes and I'm off.  After practice is over I come home and do my homework.  When 5:30 rolls around I eat dinner.  After dinner, if I still have more homework to do, and I usually do, I'll finish that.  If not, I'll watch some TV and then go to bed.

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